IIMCAA Awards 2022 | Rules and Criteria to Apply | Last Date- 10 January, 2022

Published on Dec. 17, 2021, 11:27 p.m.

Dear IIMCians,

IIMC Alumni Association [IIMCAA] is now in its 6th year of the IIMCAA Awards. Our endeavour to recognise the excellent work of our alumni in different fields of mass communication and remain connected with each other continues. Hosting another round of the awards gives us a sense of achievement that our relentless pursuit is bearing fruit and we are elated to have reached IIMCAA Awards 2022.

We are announcing entries open for IIMCAA Awards 2022 in 8 competitive categories out of 13 categories of the Awards.

The awards are in the broad areas of mass communication to elicit a wide variety and diversity of work and to get our alumni to participate and showcase their talent.

IIMCAA Awards will felicitate the best professional work done by the alumnus from 1 January, 2021 to 31 December, 2021. It carries a cash prize along with a trophy and a certificate.

There is a prize of 1,00,000 INR for Agricultural Reporting and 50,000 INR for each of the other competitive categories.

The selection will be done by a jury of eminent mass communication personalities. The awards will be announced and given on 27th February, 2022 at the Annual Alumni Meet- Connections 2022.


Categories of IIMCAA Awards 2020

Felicitation Awards - Not Open for Entries: Selection & Announcement by The Central Committee

1.Alumni of The Year- Felicitation

2. Public Service- Felicitation

3. Connecting Chapter of the Year- Felicitation

4. Connecting Group of the Year- Felicitation

5. Connecting Alumni of the Year- Felicitation

Open for Entries: Selection by a jury and Announcement by The Central Committee

6. Agriculture Reporting – 1,00,000 INR

7. Journalist of the Year [Publishing] – 50,000 INR

8. Journalist of the Year [Broadcast] -- 50,000 INR

9. Indian Language Reporter of the Year [Publishing] -- 50,000 INR

10. Indian Language Reporter of the Year [Broadcast] -- 50,000 INR

11. Producer of the Year [Broadcast] -- 50,000 INR

12. PR Person of the Year -- 50,000 INR

13 AD Person of the Year -- 50,000 INR


General Criteria and Rules of IIMCAA Awards 2022

1. Applicant must be a PG Diploma holder of the IIMC.

2. Applicants are not required to be a member of IIMC Alumni Association to apply for the awards.

3. Applicants can send only one outstanding work done during 1 January, 2021 to 31 December, 2021 as an entry.

4. Entries to be sent at awards@iimcaa.org

5. Applicants must attach a brief essay, maximum in 200 words, about the work justifying the entry for the awards.

6. Entries acceptable only in PDF, JPEG, URL or PPT format. The size of the attachments must be less than 3MB.

7. An applicant can apply for any one category only in a particular year.

8. Recommendation letter from the Head of the organisation or Reporting Manager is required for all such entries which don’t carry byline/ credit to the applicant. By-line/ credited entries do not require any such recommendation.

9. Entries need to be accompanied by a letter from the Editor/ Competent Authority if applied for Production work.

10. Two references of classmates/ batch mates at IIMC have to be provided by the applicant with their name, department, batch, campus, email id and mobile number.

11. Work in all Indian languages will be considered without favour or prejudice but the applicant should provide a suitable translation in English or Hindi to enable the judging process.

12. Central Committee members do not qualify for any awards.

13. Publishing categories cover the text works published in newspapers, magazines and news portals.

14. Broadcasting categories cover the audio/ video works done for TV, Radio and other digital platforms.

15. If an alumnus of agency side and another of client side send the same campaign for two different categories, the entry received first will qualify and will be considered.

16. Name of the organisation of winners, designation or freelance status will be recognized in certificates and trophies of IIMCAA Awards 2022.

17. Deadline to submit the entries for IIMCAA Awards 2022 is 10 January, 2022.

18. If the jury doesn't find any suitable entry in any of the categories then the award for that category may be dropped for this year.

19. The decision of the jury will be final and can't be contested in any court.

20. Any rule/ criteria can be altered by the IIMC Alumni Association if necessary, in the larger interest of alumni and awards.
21. Applicant must submit an undertaking duly signed by applicant only, text is given below:-

I have read all rules and agree to all terms and conditions of the IIMCAA Awards 2022. I authorise IIMCAA to use my name, photograph, organisation name and entry for promoting the IIMCAA Awards in all communication mediums. I will accept the final results of IIMCAA Awards 2022.


A brief description of the category of the awards is as follows:-

1) Alumni of the Year – Recognising and felicitating a personality for his achievements and contributions in making the brand IIMC stronger in any sector.

2) Public Service – Alumni associated with projects in the areas of social work, public welfare and development.

3) Connecting Chapter of the Year – The IIMCAA chapter that has made the maximum effort to connect the alumni in the year 2021.

4) Connecting Group of the Year – That group of IIMC which has kept the alumni spirit alive and has remained connected with each other.

5) Connecting Alumni of the Year – The special alumni who did the most to keep the alumni connected.

6) Agricultural Reporting – Journalistic work on agriculture and rural India.

7) Journalist of the Year [Publishing] – Journalistic work in any form of publishing in Hindi and English.

8) Journalist of the Year [Broadcasting] - Journalistic work in any form of broadcasting in Hindi and English.

9) Indian Language Reporter of the Year (Publishing)- Journalistic work in any form of publishing in any Indian language other than Hindi and English.

10) Indian Language Reporter of the Year (Broadcasting)- Journalistic work in any form of broadcasting in any Indian language other than Hindi and English.

11. Producer of the Year [Broadcast] – Journalistic production work in any form of broadcasting in any language prevalent in India.

12) PR Person of the Year– PR, Image building, Advocacy related work/ campaign showing competency and achievement.

13) Ad Person of the Year– Advertising related work/ campaign showing competency and achievement.

Thanks & regards,

Sambit Mohanty, Convenor

Simrat Gulati, Coordinator

IIMCAA Awards 2022