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IIMCAA Scholarships 2019: List of 11 Students for IIMCAA Scholarships of 25000 INR Each

June 24, 2019


Dear IIMCians,

The Central Committee of IIMC Alumni Association, at the June 23 meeting, has selected 11 students of PG Diploma Courses of 2018-19 for IIMCAA Scholarships of 25000 INR each. 96 students have got financial support from IIMC, out of the 128 students who had applied for fee waiver. IIMCAA considered the cases of remaining 32 students and selected the following students from different course and campuses for IIMCAA Scholarship.

Rules & Criteria | IIMCAA Scholarships

Kunwar Abhishek Bhagat Memorial IIMCAA Scholarship By IIMC Alumni Association

1. Ms. Shalini, Hindi Journalism, Delhi
2. Ms. Teenu Thomas, Malayalam Journalism, Kottayam

Vinay Nahata Memorial IIMCAA Scholarship By Mr. Amit Jain (2005-06 Batch)

3. Mr. Hari Shankar Soni, Hindi Journalism, Delhi
4. Mr. Anand T.A., Malayalam Journalism, Kottayam

Rakesh Ranjan Shukla Memorial IIMCAA Scholarship By BHOR Charitable Trust/ Mr. Anuranjan Jha (1998-99 Batch)

5. Mr. Abhishek Singh, Hindi Journalism, Delhi

Rupesh Jha Memorial IIMCAA Scholarship By BHOR Charitable Trust/ Mr. Anuranjan Jha (1998-99 Batch)

6. Mr. Ashish Kumar Verma, Radio & Television Journalism, Delhi

Gahareshwar Bajpai Memorial IIMCAA Scholarship (Girls) By Mr. Neeraj Bajpai, General Secretary, IIMCAA, Maharashtra Chapter (1998-99 Batch)

7. Ms. Noora T, Malayalam Journalism, Kottayam
Surendra Prasad Sinha Memorial IIMCAA Scholarship By Mr. Shishir Sinha, Senior Journalist

8. Ms. Rukshar Khatun, Urdu Journalism, Delhi

Dalchand Vashishth Memorial IIMCAA Scholarship By Mr. Suresh Kumar Vashishth, Ex IIMCAA President (1994-95 Batch)

9. Mr. Prashant Chand Choudhary, Hindi Journalism, Delhi

Sehdev & Sushila Chibber Memorial IIMCAA Scholarship By Ms. Nanditta Chibber (EJ  2003-04, Delhi)

10. Ms. Divya Verma, Hindi Journalism, Delhi

Brig J.S. Bawa Memorial IIMCAA Scholarship (Defence & CAPF Wards) - By Simrat Gulati (1984-85 batch)

11. Mr. Mayank Kumar, Radio & Television Journalism, Delhi

An event to hand over the cheques to selected students will be hosted at IIMC HQ, New Delhi on 7th July, 2019 (Sunday) at 5 PM. All are cordially invited.

Thanks & Regards,

Harshendra Singh Verdhan

General Secretary


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June 24, 2019

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