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MoM- Ranchi | Jharkhand Chapter Quarterly meeting | 30 September, 2018

Oct. 4, 2018


Dear IIMCians,

Jharkhand Chapter of IIMC Alumni Association met at Ranchi Press Club on 30 September, 2018. Chapter President Mr. Manoj Kumar presided over the meeting that was attended by Vice President Mr. Amit Gupta, General Secretary Mr. Pranav Pratyush Das, Treasurer Mr. Kumar Rajesh, Oragnisation Secretary Ms. Puja Oraon, Senior Alumni Mr. Anupam Rana, Mrs. Manisha Singh, Mr. Santosh Oraon, Mr. Ranjeet Kumar, Mr. Onkar Pandey, Mr. Abhishek Kumar and Mr. Shambhu Nath. The meeting was hosted by Mr. Ranjeet and Mr. Onkar.

Minutes of the Meeting

1. In order to generate our own resources and to maintain a corpus fund with the State Chapter an unanimous decision has been taken to collect annual contribution of Rs 1000 (Minimum) from each member from now onwards. The contributions will be for calendar year for now.

2. For various events including the Annual Alumni Meet- Connections Ranchi, each member will also try to get corporate sponsorship and other contributions from various bodies.

3. Since we do not have a bank account in the name of IIMCAA, a joint account will be opened in the name of Mr. Kumar Rajesh, Mr. Santosh Oraon and Mr. Dev Vrat Singh. The signing authority will be any two of the three members. This account will continue till a new account in the name of State Chapter is opened.

4. Mr. Anupam Rana, Mr. Onkar Pandey and Mr. Ranjeet Kumar will begin the process of registration of the State Chapter under Societies Registration Act so that the chapter has its own bank account and can function with set rules.

5. The chapter has decided to go on a picnic at Netarhat on October 27-28 this year.

6. Some new posts have been created/ modified in the meeting, which are as follows:

President – Mr. Manoj Kumar
Vice President – Mr. Amit Kumar Gupta
Vice President (Affairs) – Mr. Dev Vrat Singh
General Secretary – Mr. Pranav Pratyush Das
Treasurer – Mr. Kumar Rajesh
Organising Secretary – Ms. Puja Oraon
* Rest of the posts remain as they are.

Thanks & Regards,
Pranav Pratyush Das
General Secretary, Jharkhand
IIMC Alumni Association

Oct. 4, 2018

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